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Install Time™ 3.1.1 is available!
(Release Date: 7/23/2013)

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This release contains.....

• # - Generation of a new package code would not maintain new value if switching pages before save
• # - Merge Modules that contained multiple file entries would not always maintain sequence order alignment with CAB
• # - SFBootstrap now enforces Admin execution in the EXE manifest
• # - Prereqs.xml contained incorrect remediation identifiers for .NET 4.5
• # - Install time would crash if "Open last Project" option was selected, however there was no last project
• # - Bootstrap did not always capture exit code while running multiple MSI's other then main MSI
• # - MergeMod.dll is not installed on all machines causing Merging failures
• # - Adding two different Merge Modules with the same custom action caused merge errors
• # - Opening an MSI, compile with no changes made, then closing Install Time did not clean up the backup msi file
• # - Intermittent crash when custom locations were selected for merge modules and merge custom location merge modules were added to the project.
• # - Occasionally data bindings would be held open from previously opened projects causing unresponsive UI or a random stop of execution.
Registry page navigates to newly added registry keys when one is created

known issues:

• Due to the office and back end server moves the product update service cannot be reached. This will be resolved shortly and should not require a product update.

Install Time™ 3.1.0 Release notes

New Features
Translations interface including importing and exporting to resource (resx) files
Replace values added to Table Editor to easily replace all instances where a searched for value is found
Install Butler™ - application deployment preparation wizard

Defects fixed
We cannot thank our customers enough for providing the detailed steps to reproduce the issues that were fixed in this release. Our average fix time was 2 hours from report to providing the reporter a working solution including some custom builds. This list includes customer reported defects that were addressed in this release.

• # - Setup Caputre would become unresponsive with many registry keys
• # - On Windows 8 Savage Fly project dirctory was not created
• # - On XP running as another user would cause a crash to Install Time
• # - Application seems unresponsive on Windows 8 when switching pages
• # - Install Time would incorrectly identify a file as needing to be recovered in situations where multiple Install Times were opened and the orginal project was not yet saved
• # - Install Time would hang if settings file was deleted
• # - Settings would often not persist on pages if the tables were selected prior to saving.
• # - First time Install Time was launched it would take a long time to load on windows 7.
• # - Multiple features and child features would become misconfigured if parent features were deleted
• # - Shortcuts could be created for duplicate file resources causing errors if the original file was deleted from the install
• # - Uninstall required clicking the next button twice in specific situations
• # - Tab order would not persist if the dialog page was left before saving
• # - Add Tables list would not show all available tables
• # - Fresh installs would have validation errors if no files were assigned or the default application directory was deleted.

Languages can be edited in place, sorted by requiring translation and exported to a resx file for easier installation localization
File resource page exposes service install and uninstall operations such as stop, start and delete
Boot strapper enhanced sql server detection added
Boot strapper default comparisons are set to "equal" if the comparison is left out of the OVAL definition
Enhanced Setup Capture exclusion list optimized for supported operating systems was added to the help system to ensure 24/7 uptime
Single feature destination dialog was added to the dialog wizard templates
View dialogs in translated state from the Dialog editor
Improved "Find" functionality in the table editor. Now includes wrap around searching.
Multi-treading added to setup capture (Savage snap) include/exclude pages for faster loading of resource details
Improved page load times and application responsiveness

Known Issues
#32561 - Custom VBScript stored in property will dissappear if property name is not provided. Work Around: include property name.
No other defects outstanding

Download Install Butler™ 3.1

You can download Install Butler™ stand alone as a 30 day trial. Install Butler™ is included with your purchase of Install Time™ at no additional cost.

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